Free Premuim VPN

  • Servers in:
  • Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP
  • Connect from two locations same time
  • 24x7x365 User support
  • NAT Firewall
  • Up to 256 Bit Encryption
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iO
  • Offshore service provide
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unrestricted speeds
  • Allows torrents and P2P on NL servers
  • Easy to use application 

  • Online security

    Using VPN you'll have a secure connection when surfing the Internet, which will prevent data hack.
  • Internet Privacy

    It will keep your identity unknown on the internet by assigning to you a different IP, that will guarantee anonymousness.
  • Internet Freedom

    Access sites that have been banned at school or work. Also access content from regional restricted sites.
  • High level encryption

    We do encrypt your entire Internet traffic by using trusted secure protocols, such as L2TP/IPsec protocol.

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  • Kepard - Premium VPN Service

    Rage Booter Source Code [php booter]

    Rage Booter Source Code

    RageBooter Source Code

    Free Domain Name



    THCrypter Fud Crypter [Bypass KIS, MBam, Sonar, AVG | 35+ Features]


    [+]Working on : XP/VISTA/7 [32/64 BIT]
         [+]Unicode Os Support
    [+]Custom Injection
        [+]Default Browser
        [+]Custom Injection
         [+]Polymorphic Encryption
    [+]File Binder
         [+]Binds Any File (.jpg, .mp3, .pdf, .wmv etc.)
    [+]One time execution Binder added
    [+]Custom Path to Drop Binded FIle
    [+]Compressed OutPut
    [+]40% Small Output then the server size
    [+]Custom Start-up Name
    [+]Use your desired Start-up name
    [+]File Persistence
    [+]Protects your file from Getting Deleted
    [+]Melt File
    [+]Deletes itself at the end, When ran
    [+]Bypass Firewall
    [+]Bypass into network security of firewall
    [+]Bypass UAC
    [+]Bypass any UAC level in Vista & 7
    [+]Assembly Changer
    [+]Set desired assembly in the output file
    [+]Icon Extractor
    [+]Extracts The Icon from Any File
    [+]Icon Changer
    [+]Get your desired icon in the output file
    [+]Delay Execution
    [+]Make Your Crypted file more Stealth
    [+]File Pumper
    [+]Add in KB
    [+]Add in MB
    [+]File Downloader
    [+]Downloads Files With Any Size
    [+]2 Different Download Methods
    [+]2 Different drop path
    [+]Extension Spoofer
    [+]Set any extension to the output (.jpg, .pdf, .txt, .mp3, .wmv)
    [+]Automatically Updates when any Update is available.
    [+]Updated almost twice a week

    100% Tested and Works With:

    [] BlackShades RAT
    [] BlackShades HTTP
    [] Blackshades Stealer
    [] Blackshades Fusion
    [] CyberGate
    [] DarkComet 5
    [] SpyNet
    [] iStealer
    [] Albertino’s Advanced RAT
    [] Poison Ivy
    [] Cerberus
    [] xDoseR
    [] Turkojan 4 Gold
    [] Cammy
    [] POE Stealer
    [] Rapzo Logger ( Public & Private Edition )
    [] XYZ Logger (All Versions)
    [] XYZ Stealer (All Versions)
    [] Cyber-Shark
    [] Predator Pain (All Versions)
    [] 541′s Keylogger (All Versions)
    [] r3d0n l0GG3r (All Versions)
    [] Syslogger
    [] {Project Neptune (All Versions)
    [] Works With all .net Applications

    Download THCrypter

    Genius Crypter Fud 0/37 Scantime & Runtime

    Features :

    * Bypass All AV’s on Scantime & Runtime!
    * Private Methods and runPE
    * UAC Bypass
    * Custom Add To Startup
    * Encrypted runPE
    * Bind to any file, and run once option
    * Different injections
    * Assembly and Icon Changer
    * Strong TripleDES Encryption
    * Friendly Interface
    * Hide File

    Download Genius Crypter 

    Chrome Crypter 4.5


    * Fud Binder
    * Icon Changer
    * Private RunPe
    * Fud 0/35
    * 32 and 64 Support
    * Antis
    * Scantime + Runtime
    * CodeDom
    * Startup
    * Xor Encryption
    * Drag and Drop

    Tested On:

    * Blackshades Net
    * Darkcomet
    * Vertex net loader
    * Istealer 6.3
    * Spynet/Cybergate
    *.Net Keylogger
    * All other .net Files

    Download Chrome Crypter 4.5

    Insanity Crypter v1.9.6 [Source Code]

    Insanity Crypter v1.9.6
    When a new Update will be released?
    Small Delay with update,coming in few days. [Few extras features will be added] Like worm etc.

    What’s new?
    New GUI Overall
    Guest Login System Added [NoAccounts Needed]
    FUD Updated & Working with many RAT’s,stealers and keyloggers.

    What’s coming soon?
    Fixed bugs if found any
    Register FREE system(Maybe)
    New features will be added like auto-inject+worm etc.
    Auto-Update (Since in this one,it’s disabled)
    What has been removed and why?
    Many Features were removed due some bugs.

    Download Insanity Crypter v1.9.6

    Cybergate Rat Download V3.4.2.2 [Cracked]

    What is CyberGate:

    CyberGate is a powerful, fully configurable and stable Remote Administration Tool coded in Delphi that is continuously getting developed by our experienced team.

    What it can do :

    CyberGate was built to be a tool for various possible applications, ranging from assisting Users with routine maintenance tasks, to remotely monitoring your Children, captures regular user activities and maintain a backup of your typed data automatically. It can also be used as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorized access.
    CyberGate achieves this though it's abundant array of features. A few of which are illustrated below :

    [+] Automatically map ports if your router supports uPnP;

    [+] Multi-Threaded : allowing for multiple clients to be connected, along with increased reliability.

    [+] Reverse Connection : Some of the listed advantages of a reverse connection -
    # Outgoing connections generally are less treating, and are less likely to be detected or blocked by a firewall, such as a router.
    # Since the remote's computer is connecting to the remote administrator, one does not need to know the remote's IP address in order to connect.

    # It is much easier to keep track of the computers the RAT is installed on, since they are all "calling home" by connecting to the remote administrator.

    [+] User Friendly GUI : The neat and simple GUI of CyberGate make this tool very easy to use and the simplest way to achieve yours goals.

    [+] Stealth : The various features of the server installation makes the server extremely customizable accord to each user's needs and requirements.

    [+] Keylogger : This tool can be used to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data.

    [+] Password recovery : It can be used to recover some of passwords that your forgot long time ago.

    [+] Tasks: CyberGate is able to create either tasks for the Client to perform on a specific time after being started or an individual remote whenever it connects back to CyberGate.

    [+] Connections tab: You can monitor all the connections and client performance from a connection log that will register actions and time /date for those actions.

    CyberGate Rat Review:

    Hack Tool Threat Level : High
    File Detection : High
    Backdoor Status : Clean

    Download Cybergate Rat v3.4.2.2

    Urgent Booter Source Code

    Predator Pain Logger 4.1 Source Code [c#]

    Predator Pain Logger v4.1.x included: Stealer + Keylogger + Binder Source Code

    Stealers [ 23+ ]
    ( Important information: Contains absolutely *NO DROPS*)
    • [] Firefox 3.5x-3.6x
    • [] Internet Explorer 6,7,8
    • [] Opera
    • [] Steam Username
    • [] Nimbuzz
    • [] Rapidshare Upload & Download Manager
    • [] Internet Download Manager
    • [] Proxifier ( *NEW* )
    • [] RS Auth Stealer (data.db file)( *NEW* )
    • [] Nexus Auth Stealer (powerbot .ini file)( *NEW* )
    • [] Windows Live / Hotmail / MSN
    • [] Aim Hash (* READ below to see how it works*)
    • [] Imvu
    • [] No-IP
    • [] FileZilla
    • [] Dyn-DNS
    • [] Coreftp
    • [] Smartftp
    • [] FlashFXP
    • [] Pidgin
    • [] Paltalk
    • [] CD Keys ( CoD:4, Camtasia Studio 7, TuneUp 2010/2011 ) (Over 250 keys )
      Steals Aim Hash(Contains pass) - Steals the email and hash from registry then sends to you. Only works for Aim 6.x.x and below does not support Aim PRO nor does it support the new Aim 7.x.x whose method is still unable to be cracked. Once hash is stolen i have another app where the email and hash is entered then software injects the info into your registry you must also have the Aim application for this to be done. Once completed you can login the account with VPN or download Nirosoft mspass.exe to decrypt the password for you.
    • [] Windows Product Key
    • [] System Information, IP and more

    Features [ 32+ ]
    • [] Polymorphic - Builds it's own unique server every time
    • [] Stays FUD for longer because it is Polymorphic. Every Server is different from each build
    • [] Advanced Keylogging method uses well known hooks
    • [] Works on all Operating Systems
    • [] Coded in VB.Net
    • [] User friendly GUI
    • [] Will never send a blank log ( Detects if log is empty normally indicates that user is inactivate and therefore will not send)
    • [] Check for updates (Will check for updates and download and will delete the old Predator Version. (With your permission of coruse if you decide whether or not to update )
    • [] Encrypted Password ~N~ Encrypted Email with Poly Rc4 supports Gmail & Hotmail
    • [] Email Testing
    • [] Send emails logs to any domain
    • [] Custom Interval ( Choose when to recieve logs [Minutes] )
    • [] *UAC Bypass* works on all operating systems
    • [] Add to startup
    • [] Hide TaskManager Process (*UAC Bypass* when user goes to Processes list in TaskManager no process are shown no way of ending your server )
    • [] Disable Shutdown, Folder Options, Run, TaskManager , RegEdit, Msconfig, Cleanmgr, System Restore, On Screen Keyboard (OSK), CMD ( These apps can never be ran while predator is in effect )
    • [] Built in Anti's ( Kills most known AV's while Predator is in effect )
    • [] Built In Cure Me ( If you decide to test run your own server on yourself. Use the "Cure" button which will disinfect you )
    • [] Second chance to life restarts app if error occurs for some odd reason and restarts stealers and keylogging over, no data lost is lost
    • [] Built In Assembly Editor (Change file information make your server look more legit you will have the option to change: ( Description, Company, Copyright and File Version)
    • [] Built In File Pumper (Increase size of your server)
    • [] Block multiple websites
    • [] Built in Multi Binder ( Bind as many files as you like to your server )
    • [] Hide after Execution
    • [] Built in Icon Changer
    • [] Clipboard Logging & Keyboard Logging
    • [] Force Steam / Clear Steam ( Forces the slave to relogin )
    • [] Take Screenshot of current activity from slaves computer
    • [] OS Bit 32 or 64 bit ( It will tell you what Bit the OS is using )
    • [] Mass infect all users on the PC

    Additional Information
    • [] Weekly updates on new features
    • [] Crystal clear readable logs
    • [] Size of Predator Pain Logger - 3 Mb
    • [] Size of the server - 150 KB
    • [] Inbuilt HWID Scanner ( Just PM me once you have the HWID ) ( Example: KFEGFBKF03060602 )
    • [] Once Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Msn update there application, the stealers will not be able to decrypt the saved passwords
    • [] Customers will become Beta Testers of my new crypter " Dynasty Crypter " and beta testers of any new application I will be producing in the future ( Released in Unknown )

    Anti's [ 40+ ]
    • [] Avast
    • [] Bitdefender
    • [] HiJackThis
    • [] Kasperky
    • [] Keyscrambler
    • [] MalwareBytes
    • [] Nod32
    • [] Norman
    • [] Ollydbg
    • [] Outpost
    • [] Sandboxie
    • [] SpyBot
    • [] SpyBotSD
    • [] VirtualBox
    • [] VmWare
    • [] Wireshark
    • [] ZoneAlarm
    • Plus More
    Download Predator Pain Logger Source Code

    Ispreader Source Code [c++]

    Crypt0r Fud Crypter Source Code [c++]

    Socks5 + HTTP proxy Bot [Delphi,Source]

    Napster Fud Crypter

    Stealth Logger 9.4 cracked

    Stealth Logger 

    Stealth Logger 9.4 

    Assasin Crypter Fud

    AEGIS CRYPTER v1.1 FUD 0/43

    its 100 % fud
    whats new ? 
    Aegis Crypter1.1 
    New update stub bypass all Anti-Virus [0 / 43] 

    Icon bug fixes

    Add Icon

    Anti-Virtual Machine(WM | VPC | VBOX)

    Anti-SandBox(Sandboxie | More)
    Bypass UAC(Vista | Win7) (private)
    Disable Firewall
    Hide Directory
    Hide File
    Add Junk Code
    Add Startup
    Inject Default browser
    Spoof extensions
    UPX Compression
    File Binder(maximum 100 files)

    Bypass Avast Sandboxie + Comodo Sandboxie

    Shark Rat Source Code [Delphi]

    Infinity Bot Source Code [C++]

    Sakura Exploit Pack

    R0 Root Kit [Fud]

    Facebook Friend Adder Worm

    New Facebook Worm

    Facebook Osama Worm Source Code

    Coolvibes RAT Source Code

    Complete set of Coolvibes from version 0 to version 1.14
    Really good sources to learn

    Metus Client 2.8 Source [Delphi]

    Delphos Crypter v4 Source