Cybergate Rat Download V3.4.2.2 [Cracked]

What is CyberGate:

CyberGate is a powerful, fully configurable and stable Remote Administration Tool coded in Delphi that is continuously getting developed by our experienced team.

What it can do :

CyberGate was built to be a tool for various possible applications, ranging from assisting Users with routine maintenance tasks, to remotely monitoring your Children, captures regular user activities and maintain a backup of your typed data automatically. It can also be used as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorized access.
CyberGate achieves this though it's abundant array of features. A few of which are illustrated below :

[+] Automatically map ports if your router supports uPnP;

[+] Multi-Threaded : allowing for multiple clients to be connected, along with increased reliability.

[+] Reverse Connection : Some of the listed advantages of a reverse connection -
# Outgoing connections generally are less treating, and are less likely to be detected or blocked by a firewall, such as a router.
# Since the remote's computer is connecting to the remote administrator, one does not need to know the remote's IP address in order to connect.

# It is much easier to keep track of the computers the RAT is installed on, since they are all "calling home" by connecting to the remote administrator.

[+] User Friendly GUI : The neat and simple GUI of CyberGate make this tool very easy to use and the simplest way to achieve yours goals.

[+] Stealth : The various features of the server installation makes the server extremely customizable accord to each user's needs and requirements.

[+] Keylogger : This tool can be used to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data.

[+] Password recovery : It can be used to recover some of passwords that your forgot long time ago.

[+] Tasks: CyberGate is able to create either tasks for the Client to perform on a specific time after being started or an individual remote whenever it connects back to CyberGate.

[+] Connections tab: You can monitor all the connections and client performance from a connection log that will register actions and time /date for those actions.

CyberGate Rat Review:

Hack Tool Threat Level : High
File Detection : High
Backdoor Status : Clean

Download Cybergate Rat v3.4.2.2


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